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Nurse Catherine Rajesparan
Initiative to better support thousands of local people with frailty and dementia wins national award
23 November 2023
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Health and care staff across mid and south Essex are celebrating today as transformational work to better identify and help people with frailty and dementia wins national recognition.

Local teams were successful in winning a ‘Data-Driven Transformation Award as part of the 2023 HSJ Awards – the annual initiative which provides a platform to share success stories across the health and social care sector, as well as helping to shape the future of the NHS.

The award-winning initiatives were led by clinical and care leaders from across a number of different health and care organisations who work as part of an ‘Ageing Well’ stewardship group in the Mid and South Essex Integrated Care System.

Thanks to successful collaboration, innovative use of new digital tools and data has enabled health and care staff, no matter which local organisation they work for, to have the live, real-time access to the information they need to provide the best care possible. This has meant improved outcomes and experiences of some of the most vulnerable members of the local community.

Dr Matt Sweeting, Interim Medical Director and Ageing Well steward at the Mid and South Essex Integrated Care Board said:

“This is absolutely terrific news.

“This work is a real example of what can be achieved through working together and agreeing best-practice through evidence-based, personalised, and proactive input from different staff working across different health organisations across our system.

“We are now able to better identify and support people earlier to achieve safer, smarter care earlier in peoples care journey.”

Spencer Dinnage, Operational Service Manager for Older People’s Community Mental Health, Dementia and Frailty at EPUT, said:

“It was an amazing experience to see the work which started in a very small project nearly eight years ago now recognised at a national level with such a prestigious award.

“This data driven work to reduce inequalities in an often hidden population, to improving outcomes, experience and reduce system pressures is a fantastic achievement of integration and collaboration between so many system partners.

“I am so proud to have been part of this work from the very beginning and of the whole team who have been on the journey with FrEDA and eFraCCS, this recognition could not have been achieved without this fantastic group.”

Hayley Black, Principal BI Analyst at NHS Arden & GEM said:

“We are absolutely delighted to see the work of our partnership recognised in this way.

“This initiative has shown what can be achieved when we bring together the wealth of data that exists across our health and care systems in unique and innovative ways to answer key questions about patients, their experience of care and their health outcomes.

“By using data to tell stories we can support staff to make the best decisions for local people and local services.”

In mid and south Essex, a stewardship approach to integrated health and care services, ensures that local people receive the greatest possible value from every partnership pound.

Small teams of frontline health and care staff and managers collaborate as ‘stewards’ using their different perspectives, skills and knowledge alongside population-level data, to take a fresh look at the value delivered from our shared resources.

Following the introduction of the new initiatives, over 9,000 local people living with or at risk of frailty or dementia have benefitted from preventative, personalised care (March 22- April 2023).

A new platform has helped all health and care staff across the ICS to live track, adapt and target the delivery of proactive care inputs for safer care and better outcomes.   This has resulting in less emergency admissions and reduced 30-day hospital readmission rates for older people throughout mid and south Essex.