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Health Informatics

Health informatics is an umbrella term referring to staff in health and care who collate, manage, interpret and present patient information.

They also manage the computers and other communications systems.

Clinical Informatics

Clinical Informatics staff capture, communicate and use data and clinical knowledge to support health professionals. They also develop and implement a range of digital tools to support this.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

ICT are responsible for the management and development of the IT infrastructure in healthcare settings. This can be from supporting staff with emails and their computers to ensuring computer software systems that play a role in healthcare are working.

Health Records

Health Records staff collate, store, update and retrieve health records used in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. They may participate in the audit of patient records to ensure they are accurate.

Knowledge and Library Services

Knowledge and Library staff work with information in lots of formats (such as online, journals, databases and books) to ensure that healthcare staff can find, access and use the best available information to do their jobs.

Information Management

Information Management is the retrieval, analysis, interpretation and presentation of health data and information. This enables the planning, improvement and delivery of patient services and care.

Entry Requirements

Requirements may vary based on the specific job role and organisation. GCSE’s or equivalent are advantageous. There are also apprenticeships available in some professions. The NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme may also have courses to this specialism.

Useful Resources

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