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Anupama, Physiotherapist

After completing a master’s degree in Physiotherapy in India, Anupama got married and relocated to England to join her husband. She took a 10 year career break to care for her children and then wanted to return to work. However after such a long break she had lost her confidence and did not think she could work as a Physiotherapist again.

However in September 2019, Anupama heard about the temporary work you could do for the NHS on the ‘Bank’ and enrolled. She started work as a Bank Senior Physiotherapy Assistant in EPUT. Within a year, she become a permanent member of staff. With the motivation, support and encouragement of the team, she managed to register with the Health and Care Professions Council as a Physiotherapist and is now eagerly awaiting her professional registration and looking forward to starting work as a qualified member of the workforce soon.