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‘Our People Your Future’ Essex Health and Care Academy

Interested in being the future of health and care in Essex and want to find out more or perhaps you’re not sure what your future holds but are eager to gain some skills and experience. Then look no further!

What is a Health and Care Academy?

Our Health and Care Academy will offer a variety of different learning opportunities from virtual career events, work experience and even master classes on topics such as interview skills. These free sessions will offer an opportunity to learn about the NHS and social care and the vast array of roles within the sector and different routes in. Participants will have an opportunity to meet a range of health and care professionals, ask them questions and gain an insight and understanding of the work they do.

The majority of programmes are delivered virtually via MS Teams.

This is a chance for you to get inspired and find out how to become a part of the wider health and care team which may lead to a fulfilling career.

So why not sign up today, find out how to apply and what your future might hold.

Further Information

For further information on any future programmes please get in touch.


My name is Charlotte and I took part in the Health and Care Academy in 2020. Due to the pandemic, work experience and ways to explore my future choices were limited until I discovered the academy. I knew I was interested in a healthcare profession and when I was able to speak to a variety of different healthcare professionals, I discovered my passion for midwifery.

The academy helped me in many different ways such as giving me a better understanding of the career I want to do, understanding what is involved in that career and providing me with revision skills and helping me build a personal statement. The skills I learnt during the academy gave me confidence when applying to university and having interviews.

I have just finished my A levels and got what I needed to go to university in September to study midwifery. I am very excited to start my journey in becoming a midwife and I am very thankful to everyone in the Health and Care Academy for supporting me and helping me decide my future career.