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Doctors work in all areas of healthcare providing you with endless career possibilities. As part of your medical training, you’ll have the opportunity to try out many of these fantastic specialties and then have to choose the one you would like as your specialty such as Anaesthesia, Emergency medicine Medicine Obs and Gyn and any more.

General Practice (GP)

Primary Care services provide the first point of contact acting as the ‘front door’ to health and care services. General practitioners have an important role in looking after patients in their homes and within the communities where they live. They are part of a much wider team whose role includes promoting, preventing and initiating treatment.

As a GP you will:

  • Undertake routine physical examinations
  • Treat minor illnesses and injuries
  • Manage chronic conditions
  • Prescribe necessary medications and vaccinations
  • Screen for common health issues
  • Manage of acute health conditions
  • Refer patients to hospitals and other medical services for urgent and specialist treatment.


A Paediatrician is a doctor who manages the medical condition affecting children and babies.


Anaesthetists are responsible for administering anaesthetic to patients and monitoring their condition throughout a procedure. This may be during operations, during child birth, dental procedures and more.

Emergency Medicine

The role of an Emergency Medicine doctor is to administer care to patients who have life threatening illnesses or injuries.

Entry Requirements

Typically entry requirements will be the completion of a medical degree followed by a two year foundation programme. Plus additional training dependant on the specialty eg. To become a GP you will need to complete an additional GP Specialist training programme and similar additional training applies to other areas.

Useful Resources

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