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Welcome to the Mid and South Essex health and care careers platform, where you have access to all aspects of learning and working within the health and care community.

Whether you are already working in the sector or just getting started this website can provide you with a wealth of information or enable you to get in touch with expert health and care professionals to advice and guide.

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Considering a career change into Health and Care?

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Health and care organisations across mid and south Essex have been working together over several years to attract and retain the very best people to care for our local population. By working together on a ‘one workforce’ approach we are joining up opportunities across the Integrated Care System providing information on a central careers platform. This website will give you the chance to explore specific job roles and career opportunities in health and care and also to develop our existing workforce with a central e learning platform ‘My Platform’ for training opportunities, wellbeing support amongst other useful resources.

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The Halo Programme: Find out if a professional health career is for you with the opportunity to meet employers and secure an interview.

New free course dates starting in June 2024

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Springpod Virtual Work Experience

This programme is open to anyone aged 13+.

Ever wondered what working in healthcare is really like? There are many roles available in healthcare. This module will introduce you to the NHS and offer insight into the world of a career in health and care. You’ll have the chance to take part in quizzes and amazing activities, and you’ll even have the chance to speak to leading industry experts along the way!

For more information and to register, visit Springpod today. (opens in a new window)


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Why not take one
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