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Dental practitioners with a patient in the dental chair


Dental medicine, also known as oral medicine, is an integral part of healthcare. It is a sector of medicine that consists of the study, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases of the mouth.

Roles in Dentistry can be in a variety of places including high street practices, hospitals and other community settings and you will treat adults and children.


As a Dentist you will lead a team of dental professionals working with all patients to prevent oral disease, diagnose and treat dental problems and help to correct irregularities that may occur.

Dental Nurse

As a Dental Nurse you will work alongside the Dentist supporting tasks from routine oral examinations and to more invasive interventions.

Dental Hygienist

As a Dental Hygienist you will work with patients to help them prevent dental problems and give advice on how to look after gums and teeth. This can range from scaling and polishing teeth to offering advice on how to prevent oral disease in the future.

Dental Technician

Dental technicians design, make and repair the dental appliances used for improving patients’ appearance, speech or ability to eat. They construct these devices based on impressions dentists and dental hygienists take of patients’ teeth.

Entry Requirements

Entry routes differ depending on the profession. To become a Dentist you will need to attend a Dental School and complete 5 years of study. Whilst a Dental Nurse may be able to train on the job whilst studying to complete a relevant dental nursing qualification. Dental Hygienists need 2-3 A levels and a Dental Technician must be registered with the General Dental Council and complete a foundation degree or equivalent course.

Useful Resources

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