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Nurse Catherine Rajesparan
Legacy Nurses
30 November 2021
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Catherine Rajesparan Story

Catherine Rajesparan, Legacy Nurse at Broomfield Hospital, started in November 2021

“I qualified as a nurse in 2004 and my first job was in A&E.”
“For the past 15 years, I have worked in the Critical Care unit at Southend Hospital.
“I took my degree, a leadership course, my postgrad certificate in teaching and learning in higher education, and worked in ARU in the nursing skills lab.
“I also have an interest in simulation training.
“Outside of work, I enjoy running, swimming and seeing my friends.
“I’ve decided to become a legacy nurse because I have always had a keen interest in students.
“I also remember how daunting it can be starting a new placement and settling in.”


  • What I like about my role – I like the diversity of working with and supporting the trainee nursing associates in clinical practice. I want to ensure the TNA feels nurtured and supported whilst undertaking their training at MSE.
  • What the role is – The legacy nurse role is an exciting pilot which would see nurses spending a ‘ legacy’ period, supervising, supporting and handing over our career insights to the trainee nursing associates.
  • Career progression – The TNA when qualified can consider working in primary care, acute and community care as employment. They can further their role by becoming a registered nurse.
Nurse Nila Chauhan

Nila Chauhan Story

Nila Chauhan, Legacy Nurse at Southend Hospital, started in December 2021

“Being in this role, reminds me of how far I have come as a nurse, and speaking to the students and reassuring them that their experience grows with every shift they work, also reminds me of the days when I was a student nurse and how sometimes you feel so overwhelmed at the steep learning curve of becoming a nurse. But it’s amazing by the time you have finished your course you feel part of a team and have the knowledge and capabilities to go on to a ward and draw upon your own experiences as a newly qualified nurse.”
“I remember being a student and how busy the ward can get.
“Having time to shadow or work with your mentor can sometimes be difficult as the staff is under so much pressure already.”
“I wanted to bridge the gap in my role as a legacy nurse to support students to gain confidence on skills they may want to spend time becoming more confident or competent in.
“This is my chance to give back to the NHS for the skills I have learnt over the past 37 years.
“The constant changing environment means we are all still learning to adapt to the changes and this role enables me to provide that extra support for students and their mentors.
“I started my career as an enrolled nurse in 1983 in care of the elderly before moving on to surgical care, A&E and eventually settling into orthopaedics.
“After 11 years, I decided to do a degree in nursing and became one of the first degree nurses in 1999.
“I have been working for the Trust for the past eight years. Now that my children are grown up, I spend my time practicing karate, I’ve been doing karate for the past four years and compete regularly in the senior women’s 18+ category and the veteran’s category and do weight training twice a week to keep me fit.
“I’m currently a brown belt and hope to get my black belt in 2023 before my 60th Birthday!”