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Course Description

Listen to this short set of video blogs from our MSE ICS Medical Director, National NHSE Frailty clinical GIRFT Clinical lead and also hear from the voices of our carers and our public about why we all need to better understand Frailty, embrace true personalisation and shared decision making with our public to improve outcomes for our people, improve their experience of care, reduce avoidable harms plus improve things for all our staff and services too.

Learning Outcomes

  • To understand and appreciate why improving our Frailty, Personalisation, Anticipatory care and shared decision-making skill sets is so important for all us.
  • To appreciate this is both very much a national and a local high priority to benefit both the people we serve and our staff and services.
  • To hear, from the real voices of our local public and local carers and learn that improving our “Listen to” skill sets, our communication skills to reveal, empower and respect better informed person driven choice and control, via improved personalised shared decision-making skills can make a positive difference to people’s lives, plus help to reduce poorer experiences and poorer outcomes.

Course Length

  • 20 minutes

Course suitable for…

  • All health and care staff in all roles of all levels across our ICS, in all settings
  • Primary care (all staff)
  • Community care (all staff)
  • Mental Health (all staff)
  • Secondary care (all specialties all staff)
  • Adult Social Care
  • Voluntary sector