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Course Description

This introduces:

  • What frailty is.
  • What symptoms of frailty may be.
  • How to identify frailty and why it is important we do.
  • How to assess people with Frailty.
  • What is a comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA).

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what frailty is.
  • What symptoms frailty can present with.
  • How to detect frailty using the clinical frailty score or electronic Frailty index.
  • Be aware of the 5 frailty syndromes.
  • Understand the impact of medications on frailty and importance to review them to reduce risks to health and wellbeing caused by medications.
  • Understand that a CGA is a way of holistically assessing the “whole person” and why it is so important to consider the whole person in people with frailty.
  • Living well with frailty.

Course Length

  • 20 Minutes

Course suitable for…

  • General Public, Voluntary sector, Family members with a Caring role, Security staff, porters, Reception, administrative and secretarial staff in secondary care services (hospitals) , primary care services and community care services.

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