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Course Description

This course consists of 3 illustrative case studies to view at your leisure, giving examples of how the FRAIL + approach can be applied to help those with Frailty and Cancer live a better remainder of their lives and receive higher quality personalised anticipatory care, that can better improve health and well-being outcomes.

Cases also illustrate core principles that can be applied to all patients with frailty (not just those in cancer pathways) but in any pathway.

Learning Outcomes

  • To see Frailty identification in action via 3 illustrative different case examples
  • To see CGA based assessments in action via 3 illustrative different case examples with use of the FrEDA template to record these.
  • To see the other “high impact action” deliverables of MSE FRAIL plus framework, uniquely tailored and applied to 3 different types of case examples
  • To illustrate the concepts of personalisation, shared decision-making and anticipatory care applied to 3 different types of illustrative case examples

Course Length

  • 30 minutes

Course suitable for…

All Tier 2 and 3 Health and Care staff:

  • Senior clinical decision makers- Secondary care consultants (all specialties), Primary care GPs, Hospice team and other PEOLC medical leads
  • Other Community consultant and doctor roles in community hospitals, intermediate care and virtual ward settings
  • Senior Band 8 + health team and nursing leads- (including CNS) staff in secondary care, (including integrated discharge teams) in community roles, hospice and primary care settings
  • Adult social care team leads
  • Nursing staff (Band 5-7 nurses) in Acute hospital secondary care , primary care and community providers
  • Care navigators, pathway navigators, referral management triage staff
  • Therapists and Rehab assistants
  • Physician associates, ANPS, ECPS, Social Prescribers
  • PCN Ops Leads